This Man Followed The Rock's Diet & Exercise Plan For A Month, And Look What It Did To Him!

Posted by Editorial Staff in Health and Fitness On 21st March 2016

Mark Webster was utterly sick and bored with his daily lifestyle, last month he decided to follow The Dwayne Johnson Rock’s daily eating and workout routine. To keep himself in perfect shape, Rock eats more than six times (5,000 calories) a day and clocks in approximately 6 hours of gym time.



Webbster wanted to let out a example that even ordinary people can follow the Rock's diet if they are serious about it.

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#2 Here's his daily meal plan.

The main things he took away from the experience is that being The Rock is tiring and pretty damn expensive.


#3 and here is how his daily meal look like

As you must have guessed, over 6 meals a day does cost you a lot. He spent a total of USD$1,262 on food, which works out to about USD$42 per day, including USD$18 worth of cod.


#4 This is how Mark looks like right now.

In the right side, Mark is 94kgs and on the left image, he is 93kgs.

While in the left image he's thick heavy, he seems to have lost the fat and gained muscle in the right image, thus, gaining the extra pound.

he said, "The biggest thing with the eating is the interruption of your day. Every few hours, you have to stop and eat again."

To offset the calories, he imitates The Rock and does an hour of cardio and 90 minutes weight training six days a week.

This routine burns about 3,550 calories every day and is loosely based on the workout Johnson did for Hercules.

So that's about five hours a day spent prepping food, eating food and working out.

#5 Attention and Respect from the Rock!

Impressed with Mark's Hard work and transformation, The Rock himself tweeted this message!


Mark Webbster teaches us a very crucial lesson with his amazing transformation, while it's good to love your body, nearing obesity is nothing to be proud about. And just like The Rock says, ‘Get your a*s up from the couch and get to work'!