This Map Of The Fattest States Will Shock You.

By Michael Avery in Facts and DIY On 22nd September 2015


Obesity in America has reached epidemic proportions, and it's just getting worse. Experts believe the problem can be linked to the fact that food is delicious and exercise blows. But if you've ever wondered which states have the highest rate of obesity, wonder no more. In an effort to shame us all into eating kale, The State of Obesity has put together a handy interactive map of the US, with all the states color-coded by plumpness.

As you can see, the South didn't come out too well in the rankings. But rather than associate that with any negative stereotypes, maybe just consider how tasty their food is. And sweet tea? That stuff is fantastic, but it also has a million calories per sip. They never stood a chance.

The least obese states (and one district) present less of a clear pattern, showing up all over the map. Colorado, D.C., Hawaii, Massachusetts it's hard to tell what they have in common, despite a lower (but not fantastic) incidence of obesity. Maybe by studying them, health experts can figure out how to improve the health of Americans in general. Or at least figure out why the states that have legalized marijuana are all so low on the list. Is the munchies a myth? This is a game-changer.