This May Look Like A Spaceship, But It Is Actually A Euthanasia Capsule

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Science and Technology On 2nd December 2017

Assisted suicide has and always will be a hot topic of conversation with people arguing both sides. People who support assisted suicide will argue that we should not be able to force people to live in pain and with a poor quality of life. After all, we have no issues putting our pets down when they are in extreme pain or are terminally ill, so why can't humans have the same decency?

This euthanasia machine has been invented by Exit International. They call it the Sarco Capsule. It was invented in the Netherlands where euthanasia is totally legal. It was designed to help people end their lives in the most painless way.


Inside the machine, you will find a touchpad as well as voice recognition and eye-movement function so that anyone can use it no matter how weak their condition may have them. The machine is made from plastic panels that are easily replicated by a 3D printing machine, and there is a reclining couch inside.

The man behind this machine is Philip Nitschke. This is not his first time inventing a device that will assist suicide. He developed suicide kits that contain death-inducing drugs and an 'exit bag' that allows people to die through inert gas asphyxiation. But, the suicide capsule is the most humane and efficient concept that he has come up with so far.

"Sarco does not use any restricted drugs or require any special expertise such as the insertion of an intravenous needle. Anyone who can pass the entry test can enter the machine and legally end their life."


Once a user is inside the machine, they don a cardiac wristband that provides their heart rate information to the people on the outside of the capsule. It will alert them to when the user's life has ended. The canopy on the machine is also adjustable so that they have the option to be seen by their family during their final moments, or they can set the canopy so that no one is able to witness their final moments.

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