This Pilot Saved 157 Passengers By Bringing A Burning Boeing 777 Running At 90mph Airplane To A Complete Halt In 9 Seconds

By Editorial Staff in News On 9th September 2015

#1 Captain Chris Henkey used his nerves of steal to stop the huge 350 tonne behemoth

The plane was bound for London's Gatwick Airport from Las Vegas on Tuesday evening. As the engines were switched on and once the plane began to hurtle at 90mph. A loud explosion was heard from the left side of the plane.

#2 Stopping the plane was crucial to allow the passengers to evacuate.

This allowed the flight's crew to immediately vacate the plane. Immediate response by the stand by emergency services put out the fire in minutes. Passengers were treated for smoke inhalation and injuries suffered during evacuation.

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#4 Medical staff and firefighters inspect the plane for possible accidents.

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#5 The video of the burning flight