This Pregnant Mom Was Bullied By Her Family, But How Strangers Supported Her Will Leave You Speechless

By Muk Khatri in Feel Good On 5th October 2015

#1 Natalie McCain, a plus-sized mom who got recognition around the world from the photo series namely 'The Honest Body Project', was bullied by her own family and friends.

#2 This plus-sized mom was criticized by her loved ones who were supposed to support and praise her for such a great and brave work she did.

"For the first time in about 35 weeks I felt beautiful and was so excited to share this moment with my friends and family," the soon-to-be mom said. But when she checked comments below her picture, she broke into tears.

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#3 'All I received were negative comments about how huge I am, about how unhealthy I am, and about how they think my baby is going to be a 10 to 12 pound baby by the looks of how much I weigh,' she said.

#4 Natalie shared her family’s reaction on The Honest Body Project’s Facebook page.

On which some unknown person wrote a comment: "I was asked tonight by a waitress if I was pregnant as I held my infant in my arms!! Like, really??? Am I supposed to give birth then go to the gym the next day? Geez people are crazy! You look great!"

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#5Many strangers came forward to support her by posting their pictures on The Honest Body Project's Facebook page.

Lady in the above picture also shared the series of incidents happened and thoughts that crossed her mind during her maternity period, in the story: "Body shaming happens at all sizes and I'm truly sorry they were like this to you. I just gave birth sat july 25th, 2015 to an 8.1lb baby boy, my 3rd and only 1 that went past my due date and it was by 6 days. I only weighed 156lbs. I posted this photo at 40 weeks and was told by someone that my pregnant selfie made them want to puke that he didn't post chunky dunk photos Know it happens at all sizes. You are beautiful and good job carrying a precious life!"

#6 Ashley Utterbeck, soon-to-be mom also shared experiences of her pregnancy days with this Michigan Mom on the Facebook page.

"I'm 6 months pregnant with my 4th baby and all I've heard today is how huge I am. One person even said ‘we are going to need a dolly to get you around."

#7 A heart touching picture from the series of The Honest Body Project.

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#8 The picture perfectly shows the priceless love of a mother for her child.

#9 Watch the whole photography project in this short video.