This Restaurant Has Been Continuously Cooking And Serving From The Same Pot Of Soup For Over 45 Years

By Editorial Staff in Food On 24th June 2024

People are going crazy on social media about a restaurant that serves '50-year-old soup'. 

This restaurant is located in the Ekkamai neighborhood of Bangkok, Thailand.

It's famous for cooking the same broth in the same pot for over 45 years.

While the idea of eating soup that's been cooking for almost half a century might sound odd at first, there's an interesting story behind it.

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The reason behind cooking the soup for almost 50 years is to develop a rich and complex flavor that can only come from decades of slow cooking.

Each day, fresh ingredients are added to the pot, which keeps the broth fresh and tasty, while the long cooking time deepens the flavors.

The family-owned restaurant is called Wattana Panich.  Asia city

Clearly, the restaurant must be doing something right if you check out its reviews.

Customers rave about the soup's unique taste and keep coming back for more.

So, while it might seem strange, the 50-year-old soup has become a beloved dish that continues to attract curious diners.

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The family-owned restaurant is called Wattana Panich. It’s known for its beef noodle soup called 'neua tune'. 

This soup has ingredients like stewed and raw beef, tripe, garlic, cinnamon, black pepper, cilantro root, and about a dozen Chinese herbs.

In 2020, Nattapong Kaweeantawong, the third-generation owner, told Great Big Story:

"[Translation] For 45 years, the broth of our soup has never been thrown away after a day's cooking. 

Facebook/ Ms.K 凱倫泰泰

"We have kept the broth overnight and then used it to cook the next day's soup.

"[...] The broth has been preserved and cooked for 45 years, thus giving it a unique flavor and aroma."

But you might wonder, is this safe or clean? Don't worry, because there's more to it.

In an interview with NPR, Kaweeantawong explained that even though 'lots of people' think the pot is 'never' cleaned, they do 'clean it every evening'.

"We removed the soup from the pot, then keep a little bit simmering overnight," he said. 

That 'little bit' left simmering is what they use to start the soup the next day.

This method, called perpetual stew, really makes the soup taste special. 

This method, called perpetual stew, really makes the soup taste special.  Facebook / Bryan Da

The restaurant has great reviews on Trip Advisor.

One reviewer who visited in January wrote: "This place needs no introduction being famous for their 50 year old soup.

"[...] So is it worth the hype? I'd say yes. 

"It's a very small but delicious soup, at a very affordable price."

Another reviewer said: "Half a century old soup with beautiful flavours, meats, noodles and spices.

"This place is highly rated for a reason. A must try for the foodies!"

"Without a doubt best beef broth we have ever tasted, noodles were fantastic.

"Could just eat broth all day long and I am not a soup person. So good," a third reviewer commented.

So, would you give it a try?