This Tiny Kitten Is A Little Fighter Who Refuses To Give Up! Meet Stitch!

By Editorial Staff in Nature On 25th September 2015

#1 Meet Stitch! He is a little fighter!

"They guess him to be about 10 days old. He was taken to my vets with a nasty gash on his neck down to the muscle. He got cleaned up, stitched up, and antibiotics. His mother has refused to feed him since the attack because she is so traumatized also. My friend Julie is bottle feeding and fostering him until he's 6 weeks old,"

The little guy has come a long way!

#2 Stitch was in poor shape when they rescued him. The little guy did not want to give up!

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#4 Slinky the cat checking out baby Stitch.

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#5 Visiting the vet! Even Dr. Braley isn’t immune to the squee factor!

#6 Eyes wide opened! Stitch is getting bigger and stronger everyday!

#8 Stitch now! He’s come a long way!