This Toddler Who Is Terrified Of Her Own Shadow Is Probably The Cutest Thing You Will See Today.

By Michael Avery in Feel Good On 13th September 2015


I am very glad this dad decided to record his child's mild temper tantrum in a parking lot, because it turned out to be so much more. The girl is very young, and is still in the phase where she walks like a woman stumbling out of a club at 1:00am on a Tuesday in five inch stilettos.

When she is spooked by her own shadow, she tries desperately to make her little legs run away from the frightening beast beside her. In the end, her still-developing motor skills get the best of her, but luckily it's not a far fall since her center of gravity is so low.

I'm actually quite afraid of seeing my own shadow too, but that's because it means I'm probably getting sunburned. May this video help you reevaluate your own irrational fears as you flail through life.