This Woman Could Not Believe Her Eyes As She Finds Her Husband In Her Childhood Picture

Posted by Sumaika Ghani in Amazing On 14th January 2018

Grace Jennings-Edquist was amazed by the coincidence. Discovering her husband in one of her childhood pictures was something that Jennings could not believe and the woman did not have any idea about the encounter with her husband years ago!


It happened when Grace Jennings Edquist found a picture of her childhood. The 29-year-old could not believe her eyes when she saw her husband in the same picture as a total stranger. The couple until now believed that their first meeting happened when they were both 23 but the newly found picture changed their whole story.



The amazing revelation has surprised the couple and Grace could not stop herself from sharing her intriguing experience with internet friends. "Thought I’d met my husband at 23…however I simply discovered this pic exhibiting us each on the similar occasion," she said. Jennings-Edquist also shared her childhood photo in which one could easily recognize the two (Ben Cerini and Grace).


“That’s me, in a white costume, eyeing him off,” Jennings added to the caption. Confused by the whole situation, the couple tried to remember everything to understand their encounter in the past. "[We] went backwards and forwards a bit of bit making an attempt to work out how that photograph may have been taken since Ben lived in Adelaide for a bit when he was younger," Jennings further told.



It turned out that the two had attended a get together held by Jenning's friend who happened to live on the same street as Cerini's family. "I had known that this family friend once lived on the same street as Ben’s family when they were young, but we were totally unaware we’d actually crossed paths ourselves," Jennings said.

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