This Woman Could Not Get Pregnant So Her Mother-In-Law Became The Surrogate For Her Own Grandson

Posted by Sama in Amazing On 26th February 2018

Kayla and Cody Jones couldn't get pregnant because of their medical issues. But bless science and technology for its vast options to make the pregnancy possible for them. Kayla's mother-in-law decided to help her family and Patty Resecker at the age of 50 gave birth to her own grandson acting as a surrogate for her son and daughter-in-law.

#1 Kayla And Cody Jones Were All Set To Bring Their Little One Into The World

Texarkana, Arkansas, couple Kayla and Cody Jones were all set to start their own family but unfortunately, it seems like parenthood was not on their cards as Kayla suffered from partial hysterectomy back in her teenage life making her unable to bear children for life.


#2 The Couple Were Losing Hope But Kayla's Mother-In-Law Stepped In To Help Them

Not giving up, the couple started searching for other options and from there started their search for a suitable surrogate since their marriage in 2012. However, the struggle for finding a suitable surrogate was real and just when things turned real hard for the couple, Kayla's mother-in-law Patty stepped in to help her family and offered her son and his wife to become their surrogate. After much hesitation, the grateful couple accepted the offer.

#3 Kayla At First Thought That The Option Of Patty Carrying The Child Is Absurd

After all the required tests done, it was decided that the baby's grandmother will be his surrogate. Kayla, 29, says when she was told about this option by her doctors, she thought they were crazy, "At first I thought the doctors may think we were crazy, but as I researched I found other grandmothers who had been surrogates. After much testing, my mother-in-law was cleared to carry our baby."


#4 Procedure Failed The First Time

In October 2016, the procedure of in-vitro fertilization egg retrieval started and the couple had their embryo transferred into Patty's uterus in March 2017. But the method didn't work out. Doctors transferred the second embryo in May 2017 and this time the miracle worked and Patty Resecker became pregnant at the age of 50!

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