This Woman's Wrong Number Text Took A Bizarre Turn And It Ended Up Going Viral

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 19th August 2018

If you have spent any time on the internet, you have probably come across some seriously funny wrong number texts. The only thing funnier than wrong number texts is autocorrect fails. Seeing things like that probably makes you wish that someone would wrong text you so you can join in on all of the fun. This guy was begging to get a wrong number text, but he was not prepared for what this woman had in store for him. The whole conversation is hilarious.

The Grocery List

This gal just wanted her daughter to bring home a few groceries on her way home. It appears that she texted the wrong number. We are not quite sure how she would have gotten the wrong number in the first place, but the hilariousness that ensues is pure internet gold.


Ruining Plans

It appears that mom is not playing around and refuses to believe that she texted the wrong number. She tries to put a real monkey wrench in her daughter's plans with Brad because she is not being cooperative via text.

Playing Along

The guy she texted tried to play along for a little bit. It appears that this woman is incredibly clueless and is totally ignoring the fact that this guy is telling her over and over that she is texting the wrong number.


Is she blind?

He tries over and over to tell her about her folly, but she continues to act like it is some sort of joke that her daughter is playing with her. It is almost annoying how blind this woman is being.

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