Three Elderly Women Move In Together Because They Don't Want To Self Isolate Alone

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 19th March 2020

Doreen, Dotty, and Carol, all pensioners from the north of England are lifelong friends who plan to move in together during this self-quarantine time amid coronavirus panic. Surviving worst in life together, the ladies now plan to stick during this chaotic time too and have already made plans of how they will spend time together.



Lifelong friends Doreen, Dotty and Carol have decided to move in together and spend time to avoid loneliness during social distancing times. All pensioners are lifelong friends who told BBC Breakfast that they plan to make the move after undergoing seven days of isolation themselves.

In an effort to protect them from this disastrous pandemic, the government is likely to announce self-isolation for people over 70.

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The trio who have been best friends for life have gone through the worst in life together. They have seen divorce and other bereavements and have been together through thick and thin. Now they have to decide which house they'd choose to live during their period of isolation.



Introducing the clip, which has now had 85,000 views, McGubbins wrote: 'Meet Doreen, Carol & Dotty. Three bezzies who can’t bear to self isolate alone so they’re moving in together.

'A wee chink of light in the darkness They told me they fear for the young who’ve lost jobs & the only thing they’re stockpiling? Cheap wine'

After skyping into Carol's home, Doreen explained to McGubbins what they plan to do, saying: 'We'll have a week in our own homes in self-isolation and if we're still fit and well then we would decide which house to go and live in.'



Discussing their plans excitedly the friends said they all have similar houses with the same number of rooms but each house has a different thing to offer. The pensioner said that while Dotty had a lovely back garden that would be perfect for exercising, she had mod-cons include Netflix, meaning they could watch the Crown together.


Gushing excitedly over their new plans of living together, Dorothy says they will have white wine to keep them accompany, saying: 'We'll have a supply of wine in' before the trio broke out into laughter.


Public watching the show cheered on the girlfriends for their idea and wished them luck for their plan.

@_curious_one added: 'They were ace. Stay cheery ladies and go easy on the wine!'

@MicroBizGirl added: 'This is awesome .... so good to see people not being left on their own and finding ways to support each other. #BetterTogether'