Tik Tok Star Gets Bashed After She Posts A Vile Video Of Her Licking Airplane Toilet Seat For The "Coronavirus Challenge"

Posted by Sama in Bizarre On 21st March 2020

How far one can go for fame and followers? Betting their life over it is enough?

Here is a so-called Tik Tok star Ava who for the sake of being daring not only exposed herself to danger but in her stupidity also encouraged others to follow her steps.



It seems like, during these difficult times, people are becoming more and more stupid. Tik Tok is a pretty harmless app where people mostly challenge each other over dancing or acting. But how to deal with those stupid people who supposedly call themselves "stars" and take part in pathetic games just for the sake of a challenge.

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The latest to make it to the list of stupid challenges is the "Coronavirus challenge." Originally thought up by TikTok "star," Ava Louise, who performed the act herself initially of licking the toilet seat in an airplane to encourage others to follow her challenge.

Thankfully the Tik Tok management has some common sense left and they removed the video on time.



However, you can still find the disgusting video on Ava's feed where you see her very confidently licking the disgusting toilet seat and looking proudly into the camera as if she achieved something very "big."


#4 Public shamed Ava for her gross and vile actions

Apart from calling her out for her pathetic action, people also enlightened Ava about the possible health conditions she can face apart from catching the virus, which is equally deadly.