TikTok Divided After Guy Brings Gaming Systems To Hospital As GF Is Induced

Posted by Sama in Bizarre On 28th November 2021

This TikTok user's video went viral for all the wrong reasons. While she shared the video on a laughing note as to how her boyfriend brought his gaming system to the hospital during her induction period, the internet blew her video way out of proportion and many people went as far as calling the boyfriend useless and extra and a manchild incapable to taking care of his child and not being able to sacrifice even 21 hours of his day for his child and his girlfriend. Having enough of it, the TikTok user-made follow-up videos to give a befitting response to all the haters.


When you have a few hours in your hand you immediately think of ways to kill time. 

This TikTok user's (@amberscxtt) boyfriend took his free time spending to next level by bringing his entire gaming system to the hospital. 

However, the internet was divided over her video and many were quick to slam the boyfriend for not being patient enough for 21 hours. 


@amberscxtt shared a video of her boyfriend playing video games from a hospital bed. What she was not prepared for was that her video will go viral on social media and the internet will be divided with opinions over her video.

Based on the caption, @amberscxtt seemed to think her boyfriend had found the perfect solution to pass the time until their son made his grand arrival.

"Men bring something to keep you occupied during an induction!"

@amberscxtt's TikTok followers, on the other hand, were more divided on how she found this appropriate.


Some came to the defense of the boyfriend and said their partners did the same when they were in labour and it is completely acceptable. Others accused the boyfriend of being disrespectful and not being a good father as he is a man child himself. 


@amberscxtt directly responded in the video's caption.

"Reply to @crispy454 You wanted us to stare at each other for 21 hours? He was available when I needed him the entire time."

The video addressed peoples' exaggerated response to her boyfriend bringing his gaming system to the hospital.

"Some of y'all annoying AF I allowed him to bring his gaming system."

The 18-second video then cut to her boyfriend changing their newborn son with great care, as well as holding him and kissing him as @amberscxtt took a picture of father and son.

Another follow-up video featured @amberscxtt speaking directly to the camera, calling all the haters of her initial video "so mean."

@amberscxtt Reply to @crispy454 You wanted us to stare at each other for 21 hours?😂 he was available when I needed him the entire time😘 #newmom#PlutoTVDecades ♬ Way Back Home - Shaun


"Y'all calling my man a deadbeat, telling me he's not gonna be helpful with the baby, calling him a man child or a child."

"Calling me dumb because I let him bring his gaming system to the hospital."

"Also calling me dumb for posting the video, and someone also said that 'if I didn't want to be attacked, I shouldn't have posted the video.'

"Like, wow!"

@amberscxtt pointed out how it was likely none of the TikToker's who shamed and scolded her or her boyfriend likely read the caption in which she applauded her boyfriend for bringing his gaming system.

She also questioned how many of them realized he was playing the game during induction, as opposed to labor.

"Very briefly, we got to the hospital at 10 AM on Saturday, and I did not have my baby until 7 AM the next day."

Another follow up video, once again featuring @amberscxtt speaking directly to the camera, began with her fighting back at those who criticized her for replying to people's comments.

@amberscxtt Reply to @courrrtney1 ♬ original sound - amberscxtt


"How do y'all get to say stuff to me on my posts and I can't respond back?"

"And if I respond back I'm in denial about whatever y'all think I'm in denial about."

@amberscxtt also asked fellow TikTokers the difference between bringing a gaming system or a book or a laptop in general to the hospital. She asked if people disapproved of his bringing the gaming system to the hospital or that he played video games in general.

"I think people are more upset about the game because there's this terrible misconception about people who play video games, which I'm learning."

"So Yeah, a lot of people are just projecting, and whatever."

@amberscxtt Reply to @ijwdance ♬ original sound - amberscxtt


A third, and what @amberscxtt hinted would be the final, follow up video was in direct response to a comment which claimed her boyfriend "[didn't] give a sh*t" about her, and claimed men who played video games were "extras in the world of reality."

"This comment is so judgy."
"Now, don't get me wrong, there are tons of men and women who love their video games so much that they can't put them down and it's all they do, it's all they know."
"However, that is not our life, that is not our circumstance."
"He goes to work, he comes home at the end of the day, he plays he plays his game for a couple of hours, and then we do family time."

@amberscxtt also made it crystal clear that her boyfriend is a good father who is present for them and will even cut short his time playing video games if requested to do so.

And in her final response to the haters, @amberscxtt's boyfriend made an appearance in her TikTok video.

@amberscxtt Reply to @sxblime_ I’m going live tonight on twitch for this Call of duty tournament.. tune in to twitch.com/BlixkedupTK #gamingdad #bestdad ♬ original sound - amberscxtt

In the short 24 second clip, the much-hated boyfriend is seen inviting all his fans, haters, and friends to join him in a live Call of Duty tournament on Twitch, while @amberscxtt could be seen lovingly peeking at the camera from behind him.

Whether or not his appearance converted any of his earlier naysayers remains unclear, but one of the hashtags @amberscxtt placed in the video should be the only thing viewers of any of the series of videos need to pay attention to.