TikTok Trend 'Vabbing' Sees Women Using Vaginal Fluid As 'Perfume' To Attract Lovers

By Samantha in Bizarre On 13th July 2022

In the latest TikTok trend, women have started to 'vab' before going out on dates to attract potential partners with their vaginal scents.

The act of ‘vabbing’ has gone crazy viral on TikTok after many single women shared how they resorted to this method to find partners for themselves.

How to vab? For this, women have to insert a finger or two inside their vag and then dab the fingers on their pulse points, preferably on their neck or wrists.

The ‘vagina dab’ works as some sort of pheromone that, supposedly, attracts people to your natural scent. 

Writer and fashion influencer Mandy Lee has received more than a million views on her vabbing video where she shares how she follows the hack.

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In the clip, Mandy dished out the ‘dating advice’ after seeing ‘too many’ adverts for pheromone perfume - and has encouraged women to make their own.

She shared: “Pheromones are like a secreted chemical hormone, and every person’s pheromones smell different to different people.


“In the wild, animals like to secrete their pheromones to attract mates,

“And I swear, if you vab, you will attract people like a date or a one night stand or you’ll just get free drinks all night.

“Elle woods should have been teaching vabbing, instead of the bend and snap,” she declared while making a reference to the Reese Witherspoon hit, Legally Blonde.

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“It’s more effective and you’re gonna have to hear me out, trust me, get up there[vagina] and give them [fingers]a swipe,” Mandy said as he performed the motion.

But, you should be more or less squeaky clean down there when having a vab.

She continued: “You don’t have to be like fresh out of the shower clean but relatively clean.”

Mandy then showed where to vab for the best results in attracting with your ‘pheromones’.

She vabbed on different body parts, including behind the ear, her wrists and on the neck as she suggested that nothing can ‘replicate’ the effect like your own ‘personalised chemicals’ can do when attracting people with scents.

“Proceed with caution because it works,

“Apology with tears, but it does work", she said.

Mandy shared that she learnt about vabbing from the ‘Secret Keepers Club’ podcast a few years ago.

In fact, fellow TikTok user Jewlieah put vabbing into practice.

The plus size influencer stripped down into a bikini and covered herself in her homemade ‘perfume’ - and hit the jackpot.

@jewlieah Reply to @melby777 I’M DEADDD - people warned me this would happen, but i really didn’t know that video would go that viral💀 it’s okay though - onto the next! #vabbing #vabtok ♬ original sound - jewlieah

Jewlieah claimed: “I don’t know who needs to hear this but vabbing works.

“Vabbing 100% works”, she reiterated.

“I got offered two free drinks at the pool and then a guy literally came back and gave me this.”

The influencer then was allegedly gifted a hair care kit and shared that the bloke organised some more drinks with her later in the day.

Apparently, Many and Jewlieah are not the only people who are practicing vabbers.

@jewlieah i’ve only tried it 3 times, but 2 of those times i got asked out on dates - i would love to hear how it’s working for everyone else🙊 #vabbing #vabtok #filipina #plussize ♬ get into me and u Alex chapman - Alex Chapman

Kenz took to TikTok after she vabbed and went for a night out to the bar, and claimed to have had a ‘successful’ experience as well.

“So, I would say that vabbing was successful," she said.

“I think we had about three men approach us, one man offered me a free drink which I declined.

“Then a ‘friend’ also got me a free drink. So, I would say it worked.

“Will be vabbing from here on out”, Kenz admitted.

Although not scientifically proven, it seems like some other women are into vabbing too - or at least want to try it out.

@keni.mov Will be vabbing from here on out 😏 #PlutoTVIsFree #review #vab #vabbing #firstimpression ♬ Top Off - Gunna

One person commented: “I’ve been doing this for years! It works great.”

Another woman shared: “Okay doing this tonight. Wish me luck.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “I have a date with my FWB soon hahaha I'm going to do this! should make for a great session.”

But, many others are simply more baffled by vabbing.

This user fretted: “I’m sorry there’s no way people are really doing this really???”

Someone else declared: “I am so thankful that I am not single.”

And, this person blasted: “Y’all have got to be joking.”

@jewlieah here’s the rules you need to know on how to #vab ✨ have you tried #vabbing ♬ original sound - jewlieah