TikToker Bursts Into Tears After Strangers Refuse Her Offer To Pay For Their Groceries

By Haider Ali in Food On 25th April 2023

An attempt by a TikToker to pay for a stranger's food shop did not go as planned, and she was left sobbing uncontrollably.

TikTok / @millyg_fit

Amelia Goldsmith, a London resident, went to the neighborhood Sainsbury's in the hopes of cheering someone up by paying for their shopping.

Goldsmith had some doubts before entering, but she did it in the hopes of "cheering somebody up."

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TikTok / @millyg_fit

The TikToker said:

"I'm nervous. I just hope they don't look at me thinking I'm some weirdo."

The particular giveaway, however, doesn't turn out as expected.

Goldsmith is repeatedly shown in the over 700,000-times-watched film struggling to locate anyone to accept her offer.

In one effort, she confronts a customer at the register and offers to pay for his meal.

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TikTok / @millyg_fit

The unseen shopper responded:  

"No, no, no. I really don't need it."

A second attempt failed miserably, as a woman assured Goldsmith:

"There's a lot more deserving people, but thank you."

Goldsmith finally broke down and cried as a result of the rejections.

Goldsmith said:

"That was really stressful.”

"I was expecting the first person to be like, overjoyed and grateful and happy for me to pay for their shopping, but obviously that didn't go down well."

TikTok / @millyg_fit

Goldsmith decided to give back in another way when customers rejected her offer and donated pasta and sauces to the store's food bank bin.

Goldsmith said: 

"Weird turnout, but I'm still really happy that the food can go to those who really need it.”

"I'm just really overwhelmed right now, I don't know what's going on."

@millyg_fit in hindsight i can see why people can react differently to this, but my intentions were purely to brighten up someones day💕 i’m still super happy with what I ended up doing and i’ll do more of it for sure #storytime #vlog #makesomeonesday #foodshop ♬ Dandelions Ruth B - CIMON PAWRET

The fact that Goldsmith had been to a Sainsbury's in Balham, a more affluent part of London, was quickly noticed by viewers.

Others noted that individuals may have declined her offer due to their discomfort with being filmed.

One viewer wrote: 

"Lovely gesture, but remember you don't need to film a good deed to be valid."

TikTok / @millyg_fit

Another commented: 

"Maybe coz you were filming it idk, if someone offered to do something for me but has their phone in their hand, idk."

One supportive commenter said: 

"You should be so proud of your pure intentions, no one can take away your intentions from you and you should be so proud of yourself for this."

TikTok / @millyg_fit

Another wrote:

"You can buy my food shop any day"

TikTok / @millyg_fit
TikTok / @millyg_fit

A fellow fan commented:

"I think in the future maybe give the people at the tills the money to anonymously cover the next person's bill??

"I think people feel awkward/ get weird."

TikTok / @millyg_fit