Island Boys Shock Fans As The Brothers Post Video Of Themselves Tongue Kissing

By Abdul Rafay in Entertainment Published On 15th July 2023
Credit: Twitter/@reddfourtimes

TikTok users and a hip-hop group Viewers were stunned to see The Island Boys making out with one another, seemingly taking their relationship to the next level.

If these two were not related, it might not be all that shocking for them to be working together.


On July 13th, the Island Boys, twin brothers who once shared a womb, turned heads with their fearless video that they fearlessly shared online, showcasing their distinctive style and tongues blazing.

Just last month, Alex Venegas, also known as Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja, and his brother Franky were charged with "incest baiting" after Alex published several images of them together to promote his OnlyFans account.

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Credit: Twitter/ @islandboyflyy

In one photo, they appeared to be about to kiss, with Alex asking fans, "Woah should I kiss him?"

Even though they didn't really kiss on the lips in the pictures, the couple's growing closeness in the successive shots was enough to draw criticism from viewers.


One baffled person wrote: "My question since I just realized these are the Island Boys is why are they doing only fans… they’re BROTHERS. I get family love is a thing but like my guy I think this is going too far.

"This is what we in the club call 'incest'."

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But it's obvious that the brothers haven't let the criticism stop them from becoming close. In actuality, it only seems to have motivated them.

The brothers can be seen fully kissing each other in the video posted this week, which was captioned, "Make out [kiss mark emoji]."

It occurs as Alex makes yet another attempt to advertise his OnlyFans account. Franky jumped on board and published a tweet of his own asking followers to subscribe if they wanted to "see some action."

I'm not sure if this strategy for increasing OnlyFans subscribers was successful, but it undoubtedly caused some controversy on Twitter.


One shocked viewer commented on the video by writing: "What in the f**k is going on?!"

Another baffled person added: "This is so sick. Y’all are BROTHERSSSS. Hell, y’all can make some actual real money kissing another dude... Y’all can do that before this. Kissing and licking each OTTHEERRRRR [sic]."

After their video was posted on media personality Akademiks' Instagram page, Alex made an attempt to defend himself and his brother. He then appeared in the comments area and claimed the video was only there for publicity.

“Hahahaa I got everyone paying attention I knew it [crying face emojis],” he wrote.


In another comment, he added: “So it took a kiss for everybody to pay attention? I guess selling your soul is real.”

Do you really need to do it, though? I doubt it.

The Island Boys, Alex Venegas, and Franky, have consistently courted controversy with their provocative actions. From suggestive images to a video showcasing a passionate kiss, they have pushed the boundaries and sparked outrage among viewers.