Time Travel Has Been Completely Ruled Out For Good By Scientists

By Haider Ali in Science and Technology On 3rd November 2023

The concept of time travel has intrigued people for many years.

It has been a popular theme in numerous movies and TV shows.

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However, real-life time travel is fundamentally different from its portrayal in fiction.

Scientific consensus suggests that traveling backward in time is highly improbable.

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Recent research has delved into the behavior of light passing through interfaces.

Surprisingly, researchers have discovered an unusual phenomenon occurring in these situations.

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When light crosses an interface, its speed changes, but the exact mechanism remains a puzzle.

Scientists have devised equations to model this phenomenon in one space dimension and one-time dimension.

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Professor Matias Koivurova of the University of Eastern Finland led this research.

His approach offers new insights into wave equations in 1+1 dimensions.

The study's findings have been published in the journal Optica.

Resolving a long-standing dispute, the research touches on the Abraham-Minkowski controversy.

This famous physics debate revolves around the momentum of light entering a medium.

Minkowski argued that momentum increases, while Abraham believed it decreases.

The research introduces the concept of "proper time" to the wave, akin to the idea in general relativity.

Despite these developments, time travel to the past remains an elusive goal.

The one-way nature of time makes reversing time travel an unlikely possibility.

Theoretical advances may offer new perspectives, but practical time travel remains a distant dream.

These scientific inquiries bring us closer to understanding the complexities of time and light.

The boundaries of our understanding continue to expand, challenging long-held assumptions.