Tiny Stray Kitten Meowing His Way Into A Couple’s Hearts

By Editorial Staff in Nature On 15th October 2015

#1 “This is Cat. He was meowing in the bushes outside of our house. We have a cat now,”

"He was heard meowing in the bushes by my wife," he adds. As Kate was tracing the source of the cries, she spotted a little fur ball in the bushes whose ribs were showing. It was apparent that the kitten hadn't had much food. They took him in, fed him and gave him shelter.

"He was so skinny the day I found him that I don't think he'd have lasted too much longer. I had heard a meow about 3 days before I found him but couldn't figure out where it came from. I suspect it was him though,"

#2 The kitten settled into his new home very quickly.

As soon as the kitten stepped into his new home, his personality came out and he claimed their living room like it belongs to him.

The next morning, they took the kitten to the vet who determined his age to be around 4-6 weeks, and they couldn't find a microchip.

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#4 Soon they discovered that Cat has more toes than most kitties. He has opposable thumbs and a total of 24 digits. “The cutest part, he grabs you like a hooman with those thumbs.”

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#5 Their family dog took to the little kitten and decided she would be his sister.

#6 The love is mutual.

#7 It didn’t take long for Cat to start demanding food, attention and love. He knows he’s the boss!

#8 He’s become a lap or leg kitty. When the humans watch TV, he hops on their legs to keep them company.

#9 Now when he naps, he snuggles. He doesn’t want to be alone any more. “Cat climbed his way up my desk chair to catch a nap.”

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