Tinycat Is Only 1/3rd The Size Of A Normal Cat But He Never Gives Up

By Editorial Staff in Nature On 19th October 2015

#1 Meet Tinycat! This little buddy was so small that he was only 1/3 the size of a normal kitten.

#2 Tinycat had trouble holding onto while suckling, so they started feeding him kitten formula around the clock.

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#4 “He finally recovered, but was down to 150 grams of weight. Before the illness, he had weighed 220 grams. …a big part of the difference was a MASSIVE poop,”

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#5 “A week later, he actually started growing and got playful! Tinycat can’t really vocalize, and BC likes to play rough – and he IS 3 times as big as TC.”

#6 “Tinycat started to behave like a cat! Butt-wiggling, pouncing, stretching, arching his back.”

#8 Tinycat wraps it around the straw to maximize the efficiency of sucking.

#9 “All cat-sized toys are just too big for him. So we gave him a hair thingie while we think of something better.”

#10 Tinycat now! Still very tiny, but he’s a bundle of energy!