Titanic Actor Who Played Little Irish Boy Still Gets Paid 25 Years On

By Haider Ali in Showbiz On 17th January 2023
Credit: Paramount Pictures

More than 20 years after Titanic's first release, the former child star who played the young Irish kid said he was still getting a pay. Pleasant little earner.

When Reece Thompson played the role of the "Irish little boy" in the popular 1997 Hollywood blockbuster, he was only five years old.

He played a third-class passenger who would die along with his mother and siblings when the 'unsinkable' ship struck an iceberg in a brief but powerful performance.

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The boy can be seen in one picture standing with his mother and sibling in the middle of a large crowd of third-class passengers as they wait for the gate to the lifeboats to open.

Sadly, the family's luck was not to continue; we later discover the three of them dead in their cabin.

Despite having a minor and negligible impact on the movie's plot, Thompson's character brought attention to the Titanic's numerous poor passengers.

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Reece claimed to remember little of his time on the set of the movie, but in the Oscar-winning movie, he is reminded every year by a royalty check for a small sum.

He claims that his mother was given the choice of taking a small role in "a major motion picture" or appearing in an advertisement for a petrol station by his talent agency.

The advertisement was a wiser choice.

However, Reece's mother made the decision to submit her son for the part in Titanic, which is currently the third-highest-grossing movie of all time.

In 2018, Reece spoke to Business Insider and said: "It turned out to be one of the highest-grossing films in history, so it's pretty bizarre in retrospect.

"My mum was like: 'Let's just do it. It'll be cool. Even if the movie sucks, we'll see it.'

"Obviously, it ended up exploding, so that wasn't a bad decision on her part, that's for sure."

The annual checks that come in are larger than you might anticipate for such a small part.

"It's weird because it's not present in my mind anymore," Reece said. "It's not like, 'Oh, when am I going to get a new Titanic check?'

"When it happens, it's like, 'Oh, cool, an extra $100.'

"There have been a couple of times where it's been like: 'Oh, wow, that's a $250 check.'

"But hopefully, they keep playing it a lot because that means more money for me."