Tom Hardy Took His Dog To A Premiere And It Looks Like They Had A Blast

By Michael Avery in Entertainment On 4th September 2015


Tom Hardy, a bit of a legend really. And what do legends do? They take their dog as their date to movie premieres.

The lucky canine, Woody, came wearing his best bow tie and joined Hardy on the blue carpet for the premiere of Legend last night.

By the looks of it the two of them had a right old time of it.


Woody knows how to handle interviews, and he wasn't exactly camera shy either.

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He's not so keen on being left out of selfies. Poor Woody.

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Flirting with the cast


Smooching with Emily Browning, the leading lady. Tongues n' all.


He definitely knows how to work that carpet, look at him strut.


We wonder what Woody thought to the movie. Probably not as good as Lady and the Tramp.


Legend will be hitting our screens on September 9th, here's the full trailer.