Top 10 countdown to the most weirdest crimes- #1 is seriously weird out shit

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 17th October 2013

#10: Captain Underpants!

#9: Robert Hansen will hunt you down!

Robert Hansen - An Alaskan serial killer who lured women to his mysterious cabin in the woods, tortured & brutalized these ladies and then released them in the wilderness to let them think they can escape. But then, he sadistically went after them and hunted them down like wild animals.

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#8: Russian Naughty but deadly roulette?

Arthur Sedille was charged of blowing his wifes brains out. According to him placing a gun to his wife's head was routine during fantasy sex play. Apparently what he didn't know was that the gun was loaded when he pressed it to his wife's head and pulled the handgun's slide back during some pretty their pretty bizarre sexual game which ended up killing his wife.


#7: Smokin Kitty!

A Nebraska man is facing charges of animal cruelty by PETA after he tried to calm down his hyper-active cat. He stuffed his 6 month feline into a home made bong . Acea Schomaker added some marijuana and proceeded to light and smoke the kitty before his neighbours caught him in the act.

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#6: Oopsie

A man in West Virginia, was brought up on charges after he allegedly passed a big one and waved it towards an officer. In his defence he said he couldn't hold it in much longer after he was continuously denied of using the bathroom.

#5: Sorry sir, you lack taste

Jose da Silva, 37, on June 16 hacked to death his interior designer because she criticised his decor. Jose invited the designer over to his house in the suburbs for an overview of his home and to advice him on what he could do with the place, But since the designer didn't compliment him on his place he went to his garage and fetched an axe and murdered her, and said: "I killed her because she reminded me of an old school teacher whom I hated very much."


#4: A pain in the Head... literally!

A man from Utah, believed that the reason for his severe migrane was his girlfriend. To cure this "headache" of his, he shot her! He reported to have said that his head was almost always in pain and he somehow believed the cause was his girlfriend, so he simply tried to get rid of her. Luckily the woman was hospitalized in critical condition, but survived.

#3: Rough times!

Arthur Phillips, and his 22-year-old bride, Brittany Lurch, were arrested for stealing $1,049 worth of groceries for their wedding reception. The newlyweds filled a shopping cart with all kinds of finger foods at a supermarket and left without paying and later on retthe couple returnerned to add more delicacies to the cart and placed a large order for seafood items.

#2: Where does it hurt?

John Collazos who earlier on was accused of being a fake dentist without any licence, was charged of sexual assault when he tried to kiss a womans bottom while treating her toothache. Ah Mr John the teeth are up on the face not on the rear.


#1: Braveheart? I think not honey.

Simone Nicole Bruce, had been drinking wine and watching the Mel Gibson blockbuster "Braveheart" at home, when she decided to pull out a sword and practice her fighting skills in the street. Her neighbours arrived home in their car to find the armed woman in the middle of the road and called police. But as they drove away she chased them and struck the car with the sword on the back quarter panel. She said she got carried away and felt as if she were a part of the movie, not to forget alcohol does make you do regretful things.