Totally Stupid Things That Women Do To Look Pretty

Posted by Michael Avery in Fashion On 6th October 2017

It’s interesting how beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and ever-changing. Depending on geography or time period alone, beauty standards can be vastly different! Hello, did nobody see how ridiculous Queen Elizabeth started looking near the end of her reign? We see these classic statues of Roman or Greek beauties, but those women or men wouldn’t really be considered beautiful in the modern day, now would they? It’s fascinating because everybody seems to think, “Of course this and that trait is pretty. Big butts are glamorous. Full lips are so alluring. Beach curls are so in,” but even just a decade ago, these traits weren’t considered must-haves! The 90s was all about being stick skinny with no curves in the States. Matte lips were “glossed over” by the ever trendy lip glosses in that same era. However, there are some beauty standards from all over the world and different time periods that are even more drastic or shocking to learn about! So if you want to know what weird procedures or practices people used to do or still do in other countries to become beautiful, read on and be amazed–because a flaw you thought you might have could actually be deemed a surgical procedure-worthy trait somewhere else, or maybe you were just born in the wrong decade.

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