Trashy Pregnancy Photos That Will Make You Feel Sorry For The Unborn Child

Posted by Michael Avery in Bizarre On 22nd February 2018

These poor unborn children are fighting an uphill battle right from the start thanks to their super trashy moms. I just can't believe some of these people.

#1 Well, would you look at that.

This couple already has two rugrats running around so what's a third one to this trashy family. To be fair they really aren't that bad. Just flipping the bird. Check out the photo collage of dad in his younger days in the background.


#2 Almost time to hit the stage.

This stripper isn't going to let something like being pregnant stand in the way of her working the pole. She's gotta have money to support the baby grown inside of her after all.

#3 Get low!

This chick is all about showing off how she can still get low despite being pregnant. She needs to focus on cleaning that nasty room instead of trying to show off how trashy she is.


#4 We got a real winner here.

This chick is setting a great example for her unborn child. I can just imagine her explaining this picture to her child in the future. "Yeah, baby momma didn't give a damn how pregnant I was gonna find you a daddy that would stick around so I had to advertise."

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