Trees That Appear To Be Other Things

Posted by Michael Avery in Nature and Travel On 9th May 2018

Have you ever stopped to look and a tree and thought to yourself, "Wow that tree really looks like something else." I'm pretty sure you have. In this gallery, you will see several trees that totally look like other things and couldn't be more awesome. Enjoy.


#1 Do you see an old man?

This tree totally looks like a sleeping old man doesn't it. The nose and the beard are just so pronounced. What a way to start things off.


#2 I am Groot.

This tree totally looks like it could be a stand-in for Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. I mean look at it just sitting there being all Groot like. How awesome.


#3 Puff the magic dragon.

This tree really does look like a happy dragon. It's amazing how random nature can be.

#4 Getting it on.

This root totally looks like it's trying to nail the tree it's wrapped around. Hey, buddy, get a freaking room. There are kids walking around this park.


#5 The nose, knows.

Something smells funny about this picture. I wonder what it could be. Oh, maybe it's the giant nose hanging from this tree.

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