True Facts That May Surprise You

By Michael Avery in Facts and DIY On 29th April 2018

#1 You've been calling him the wrong name all along.

Thanks to the Romans you've been calling the Christian savior by the wrong name all this time. His name is actually Yeshua which isn't anything close to Jesus.

#2 America's past time?

This one is pretty shocking considering that America claims baseball as its own creation. Did you know it was actually a Brittish invention?

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#3 Up in smoke.

All those pot smoking hippies you think about when you think about the 60s were actually a pretty huge minority. I wonder how the stereotype gained such prominence.

#4 What a little man.

Napoleon wasn't actually as short as he is portrayed. His height was pretty average to tell you the truth.

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#5 The youth movement?

Everything I have learned about the Vietnam War pointed to it mostly being the younger generation that was fed up with and protesting the war. Imagine my surprise when I found out that it was actually cranky old people that were the main ones protesting.

#6 She's a witch!

Popular culture likes to portray the Salem witch trials as this horrific event where suspected witches were burned at the stake. The reality is while they were still horrific, the suspected witches were actually hung, not burned.