True Historical Facts That You Will Find Hard To Believe

Posted by Michael Avery in Facts and DIY On 29th April 2018

They say that the truth is often much stranger than fiction and in the case of the facts that you are about to see that's very true. Prepare to have your mind blown by these strange history facts.

#1 Forget what you know.

The pyramids were actually built by paid labor, not slaves. Think about it, would you trust something monumental like this to be built by untrained labor? Of course not, you hire professionals.


#2 You think South Africa was bad?

The US was much worse when it comes to race and relationships than South Africa could ever be. Even now the US is far from the picture of love and tolerance.

#3 Prepare to have your mind blown.

John Tyler was the president of the US in 1841. Today his grand and great-grandson are still alive and well. How might you ask? Well, check out the fact sheet.


#4 Still paying for the Civil War.

After all these years the federal government continues to honor pensions for Civil War veterans to their children. How crazy is that?

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