Turn Your Bathroom Into A Place Where People Are Happy To Poop With These Ten Things

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Facts and DIY On 20th February 2018

Using another person's bathroom, especially to poop, can be a daunting experience. It can be especially hard for guests who may be staying for any extended periods of time. Now, you can use the tips from this article to turn your regular bathroom to a place people will be more than comfortable to drop their kids off at the pool.


Motion Activated Air Freshner

Install one of these by the bathroom door so that it sprays a puff of fresh smelling scents as a person enters the bathroom. This will set the mood for a good healthy poop as well as act as a pre-emptive strike against any foul odors.



This is by far the best bathroom product out there. Be sure to leave a bottle of this sitting on the back of the toilet. Chances are most people already know what it is and will be thankful that they can save themselves from embarrassment by sealing their stench inside the toilet water instead of having it waft all around them while they finish dropping a swamp pie.


Magazine Rack

Reading material is a must when you're making an offering to the porcelain throne. Unless you want your guests reaching into the shower to grab shampoo bottles to read, leave them with some reading material. Magazines or even a joke book usually work well for guests.

Wall Art

If you just do not have the space for a magazine rack or a place to safely leave a book for your guests to read while they are building a log cabin, add some wall art. Bathroom quotes are always fun, but pictures also work as a great distraction from the task at hand.

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