Twitter Is Full Of Absolutely Hilarious People From All Over The World

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 18th August 2018

You can always find ways to entertain yourself for hours while surfing the web and your social networking sites. Some of the best ways to find funny posts is to follow hashtags, but if you are really lucky, you probably follow a bunch of comedians who provide you with hours of online entertainment. However, not all comedians are well-known. Here are some of the funnier posts you can find while surfing Twitter.


Clowning on Satan

When you are Satan, you have a certain kind of reputation to uphold. People just cannot openly clown on you. It makes you look soft.


White People

There are just some things that people of color would not be caught dead doing. Riding in hot air balloons is one of those things.


Weekend Lovers

Most people are incredibly busy during the week with work and family tasks. It is understandable that most people would prefer to not do anything on the weekend, just to get a break. However, that is not usually what happens. Your "free time" turns into chore time, in most cases.

Chameleons, master of disguise?

When you really think about it, chameleons are really not that great at blending into their environments if everybody knows about them. We wonder if they realize that they are failures at life.

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