Twitter Is Full Of Absolutely Hilarious People From All Over The World

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 18th August 2018

Cleaning Weirdness

Cleaning out any part of your house can be a real adventure. You never know what kinds of treasures are lurking in those dark corners of your closet that you have not ventured around in for years.


Sky Bird!

Has anyone been on a flight that actually does this? We would love to hear that story. It sounds like an airline we would be happy to fly in the future.


We cannot be the only ones who wonder what their other mascot ideas were. The choice that they made has baffled us for years. What does a cow have to do with chickens?


Oh, Sly!

The resemblance really is uncanny. However, we can imagine that Sly gets a bit annoyed every time he is sent or tagged in this photo.

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