Twitter Users Are Prompted By Jimmy Fallon To Talk About Their Worst First Dates And The Results Are Hilarious

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 26th June 2018

Anyone who has ever dated could probably tell you some horror stories about dates that have gone terribly wrong. Jimmy Fallon recently asked his viewers to tell him about their bad first date experiences and to use the hashtag #worstfirstdate and the results are hilarious. If you have ever had a horrible first date, some of these might make you feel much better about your experience.


The Buffers

It is not uncommon for a girl to want a buffer on a first date, especially in a dark movie theater. However, this lady went a bit too far when she invited all of her friends to come and keep the couple separated during the movie.


They Listen

It is our opinion that she should have dated this guy a little while longer, especially if she is bored in life. Conspiracy theorists like this make for some great entertaining conversations.


The Hearse

It is already creepy knowing that your date is a funeral director, but when he picks you up with a dead body in the back of the car, you should have ended the date right there. Could you ride anywhere knowing their was a corpse in the back of the car?

No Parking

It sounds like there was probably more to this story. Like we can totally see this guy road raging because of his own ineptitude when it comes to parking. He was a real jerk to leave her there on the sidewalk because he can't park.


Getting Some For Granny

It would not be so strange to meet your date at her grandmother's house, but it would be strange for her to not be there because she was actually trying to hook her granny up with the guy instead. We are thinking that there is a lot more to the story, like the girl was probably much younger than him, to begin with.

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