Two San Francisco Cops Filmed Joking About Killing People & Turning Off Their Body Cameras!

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 13th September 2015


San Francisco, CA Two police officers were recently recorded in a Happy Donuts location, joking and laughing about shooting and killing civilians. One of the officers was telling the other about how they can kill suspects while the body camera is rolling, as long as the situation would look justifiable in the video.

It seems that the officers were debating which type of evidence they wouldn't mind appearing on body camera footage, and what type of evidence they would like to cover up.

The officer seen in the video can be heard joking about how killing a suspect who has their hands up would be something that they don't want to show up on camera. The officers then made sounds and gestures of what it would sound like for a person to get shot, and continued to laugh in hysteria.

The video was captured by a nearby person who held the camera up just over their shoulder to record the exchange. It is actually surprising that the officer did not realize that he was being filmed because the footage was recorded just feet away from him.