Two Stray Cat Mothers Get Help For Their 9 Babies In The Woods From Hikers

By Editorial Staff in Nature On 16th October 2015

#1 Two stray cat mamas came up to hikers to seek help for their babies. When Alexandra Dominguez and her friends saw the kitty family in the woods, they were shocked to find nine little kittens.


"This past summer while visiting friends in another town, we decided to go for a hike. While we are driving through the woods looking for trails near the road, my friend yells ‘KITTY! There was a cat back there! Turn around!' We end up in a gravel pull-off and see a cat sitting next to the road. She comes up to us and starts meowing and rubbing up against our legs. Then, before we know it, another cat emerges from the woods, then we see more cats! Turns out, there were two mama cats and their nine babies that had been abandoned in the woods.

Their babies were scared so we had to hike through the woods and find them. The mamas helped us get their kittens.

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#3 My friends and I are all crazy cat ladies, so we knew we had to help. After we manage to catch them all, we brought them back with us, fed them, washed them and called around to the shelters. None could take them until about a week or so later, so we called everybody we knew to ask if they wanted a cat.

#4 Eventually, my boyfriend found a couple friends who would take them, so I took them back to my house until I had time to drive them six hours to their new home.

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#5 I was trying very hard to not get attached. However, being a cat-lover whose 18-yr old family cat had just passed away a couple months earlier, I could not resist. I grew very fond of the two little runts who needed a little extra TLC.

#6 I begged my boyfriend (who is slightly allergic to cats), if we could keep them and he relented. So, now I’m a very happy cat mom to my two spoiled boys, Luce and Bub (and although my boyfriend will never admit it, he’s a crazy cat dad too).

#7 Bub and Luce napping in their human’s lap.

All 11 kitties have found their homes. What rescuing can do! Share this story!