UFO Concept Tree Hotel Is Out Of This World Beautiful!

By Editorial Staff in Amazing On 10th September 2015

#1 Tiny Home For Rent on the Water

Many designers, builders, and architects have created magnificent structures that bolster a strong harmony with nature.

We've seen countless tiny homes, in particular, that were designed with the idea of sustainable living in mind.

#2 Rustic Gypsy Wagon

One of my favorite constructions, for example, is this rustic, minimalist gypsy wagon built in Prague. But wait until you see what these people built...

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#3 Dubbed the “tree house” hotels, these geometrically diverse homes hover above among the treetops in a serene forest near Harads, a district in northern Sweden.

Britta and Kent Lindvall are owners of a series of "concept hotels" that are built in one of the most tranquil regions of northern Sweden. This is an area of dense forests, overlooking the Lule River valley.

The Lindvalls have clearly identified the value in undisturbed nature, the rarity of which has been displayed by their architectural designs.

Of the seven vastly different "rooms," there is one that has gotten a great deal of attention in the press. Modeled after a terrestrial anomaly in the sky, it does, like its neighboring hotel units, fully utilize and showcase the elegance of the wilderness.

#4 Space Tree Hotel

One of the most striking units is the UFO treehotel. Rising almost 20 feet off the ground, it is built entirely from durable, compostable material.

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#5 It looks futurist but fits in with the wilderness.

The space houses a double bed, as well as three separate, smaller beds. It can accommodate a family of up to two adults and three children.

#6 Who wouldn't want to sleep here?

There's also a cozy living room area and a bathroom. All the rooms are fully insulated, and come complete with underfloor heating. Electricity is generated by a hydroelectric power system, and lighting is made available by a low-energy LED system.

#7 The structure is both eye catching and ecological, and it's all GREEN!

"A very important part of our concept is to consider ecological values and make minimal environmental impact," says the treehotel's website.

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#8 Designed and built by top architects, the hotel features tiny space windows.

The rooms are all designed in close partnership with some of Scandinavia's leading architects.

#9 The rooms are actually built within the tops of the trees.

They decided to build the actual hotel structures on live trees in the forest, and were careful not to destroy or take down any trees in the process.

#10 Other rooms are designed to also fit in with the landscape.

One of the other distinct rooms was designed in the shape of a giant bird's nest. It was constructed so that guests would feel more connected with their surrounding environment.

#11 I love this design!

Yet another equally astonishing design is the "Mirrorcube" an aluminum-framed, camouflage box that has a double bed, a lounge, bathroom, and a rooftop terrace.

#12 Blast off in the new Tree Hotels.

All guests are first greeted in Britta's Pensionat, a hostel that serves their meals in an authentic mid-century modern setting. This is a true resort where guests can roam freely in the woods, and marvel at the ingenuity of these nature-inspired structures.

#13 You'll have to visit Prague to stay in one of these gorgeous hotels in the trees.

The beauty of nature never ceases to inspire our creativity. It also teaches us to love and care for the precious surviving elements of the great outdoors.