UK Coronavirus Can Last Till Spring 2021 With The Chance Of 7.9m People Hospitalized

Posted by Sama in News On 16th March 2020

A secret Public Health England (PHE) briefing for senior NHS officials reveals a daunting future for the UK. Figures reveal that the virus will continue to affect the UK for the next 12 months and there are chances that at least 80% of Britons will be affected with this virus in the upcoming time.



Amid the Coronavirus panic that the world is facing these days the secret Public Health England (PHE) briefing for senior NHS officials reveals that this outbreak can last till spring 2021 in the UK with the chance of approximately 7.9m people hospitalized.



With future looking bleak, the daunting report reveals that this virus spread can stretch for the next 12 months and can lead to creating a burden on already overstretched NHS.



The document as seen by the Guardian also reveals that the health chief fears that 80% will become infected with the virus given the next few months.

Prof Chris Whitty, the government’s chief medical adviser, also says that these figures are in case of the worst-case scenario and also suggested that real numbers would turn out to be less than that. However, the briefing makes clear that four in five of the population “are expected” to contract the virus.


The document says, “As many as 80% of the population are expected to be infected with Covid-19 in the next 12 months, and up to 15% (7.9 million people) may require hospitalization.”

Paul Hunter, a professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia said, “For the public to hear that it could last for 12 months, people are going to be really upset about that and pretty worried about that.”

“A year is entirely plausible. But that figure isn’t well appreciated or understood,” added Hunter, an expert in epidemiology.

“I think it will dip in the summer, towards the end of June, and come back in November, in the way that usual seasonal flu does. I think it will be around forever, but become less severe over time, as immunity builds up,” he added.



With the health officials admitting that this virus will continue to create havoc for the next 12 months, it has somewhat shattered hopes that the arrival of warmer weather this summer would kill it.