Undercover Cop Attempts To Solicit Drugs On Facebook And This Guy Shows Up To Sell Him Flowers

By Editorial Staff in Fails On 9th September 2022

A video posted on December 28 by one “John Doe,” an undercover Troy, Ohio police officer posing as a weed buyer gets totally owned. T

The shady video begins with a man sitting in the driver's seat of a Buick. Another guy then approaches the car and the man in the car knows that he is undercover.



He reads out the make and model of the Toyota and the vehicle’s license plate. And then he gets out of his car and walks over. Sitting in an oversized red hoodie and an awkwardly fitting baseball cap, the undercover officer starts to initiate the transaction.

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Watching the video, it convinces us, that if our undercover cop was a real weed buyer, then he'd be the most annoying one out there.

First, he asks a guy who he thinks is a weed dealer, and who he has never met before, for change to break up his $20. Then, he whines about needing to see the dime bag he’s trying to buy. Our guy, who knows the black bag he’s holding has only some flowers in it—like carnations and roses and tulips from the store—refuses. But he lets the undercover cop “feel the bag.”

One can almost imagine that the cop is suspicious of something. However, at this point, he is too desperate to book a guy for selling him the dime bag of weed, that he starts begging and ultimately, decides to accept the offer sight unseen. He hands off the cash and with the video running, takes the black bag into his car.

Our guy says, “Yeah, you’re an undercover cop, aren’t you?” “Yeah—no,” the undercover cop replies.


Time is precious here and the cop can take a peak into the bag any moment now. So as our guy is walking back to get into his car, he does a little victory dance. “Fuckin’ cop got it on video too! I don’t sell weed, but good try!”

But by the time he’s about to drive off, unmarked police cars and SUVs—the same ones he identified in the beginning—surround him. Officers pop out guns drawn and tell him to get his hands up. One officer snatches the man’s phone away and the video cuts out.


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The video has gone viral on social media and it reveals the truth of how police officials can go through great lengths even if it means making the smaller weed bust.

Police pointed weapons at a man’s head for suspecting him of selling a dime bag to an undercover cop. Meanwhile, legal cannabis sales in the U.S. alone are earning companies and their investors billions of dollars every year.