Underwear Designers Gone Mad - The Most Ridiculous & Bizarre Undergarments You've Ever See!

By Muk Khatri in Bizarre On 30th September 2015

#1 This goes to our glam ladies.

#2 If there are glam girls then it should be fair enough to have glam boys.

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#4 Fergie, please, leave behind the childhood because Big girls don't cry.

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#5 How about absorbing ones?

#6 Take a bottle of bear and wear this. A promising one

#7 IT world reached also to here: 3D Underwear

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#8 Have a bra that won't leave you hungry.

#9 This is ridiculous!

#10 For a honeymoon we have underwear for Two.

#11 I mean why aquaruim? at least here I want to find a sense.

#12 Boring!

#13 With a lot of vitamines. Stay healthy bra.

#14 This is called- I don't need a bra, what's that?

#16 I feel like birds are angry a bit. How about you?