Unlocking the Human Body: 20 Cheat Codes You Never Knew You Needed

By Sumaiya Ghani in Health and Fitness On 30th August 2023

#1 If you feel dizzy, this is for you

I have fairly low blood pressure and I often get dizzy if I get up too abruptly. If it happens, clench your abdominal muscles to force blood back upwards and it goes away immediately.


Abraneb, Towfiqu barbhuiya

#2 "Bend and Snot"

Sick with clogged sinuses?

Put your head between your legs while standing for 10 seconds, and then shoot back to a upright position and blow your nose, you'll be able to breath for a few minutes.

I call it the "Bend and Snot"

drflanigan, Brittany Colette
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#3 Espresso to keep you going

Take an espresso right before a power nap. The caffeine will kick in about 20 minutes later and make you feel more energised after waking.


wanton_noodles, Alfred Kenneally
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#6 Make sure it's left

Clench your left fist to subdue your gag reflex. Helps me with brushing my tongue and others with other things.


Shangiskhan, Zacke Feller

#8 Memory Tip

If you enter a room and forget what you have to do, move your eyes sideways, it helps jog your memory.


Barack-YoMama, Matt Reite

#9 Pull back your big toe

If you have a leg cramp - pull back your big toe and it will alleviate the cramp


anon,Ketut Subiyanto

#10 Simple Bright Light Trick

If you have a sneeze that's on the edge but needs that extra push to get it to go, look into a bright light.


mrking944, Maggie Zhan

#12 Sun means it's time to wake up

Wake up with sunlight whenever possible. Your body automatically says "Oh! Sun! I should wake up now! It's morning!"


nythnggs4590, Kinga Cichewicz

#13 Do something for yourself daily

Push yourself to do something good for yourself even if you dont want to (something like diet or exercise) and stick to it. Doing it once or twice you wont want to do it again because your body is still adapting. But after a while it will become a habit.

I went on a bike ride every day during my summer break and when winter rolled around I started to realise that I relied on that ride as much as eating. I got really jittery if I didn't ride that day.

anon, Mikhail Nilov

#14 How to 'wake up' your arm

If you wake up with your arm asleep because you were laying on it, the fastest way to make it "wake up" is to stick your arm straight up in the air and let the blood drain back down. Then lay your arm flat and allow blood flow to resume normally.

For people that get stuffy noses- pick a nostril you want to have clear. I tend to prefer my right nostril but it works both ways. Pick the side you want clear and lay on your side so that nostril is on top. Prop your head up on your hand so your head is resting at around a 45 degree angle relative to the surface you are laying on. This should clear the nostril on top pretty quickly. If not, try tilting your head at different angles until it does. This doesn't always work, but for me it usually does.

jonnycrush87, elizabeth lies

#15 How to stop hiccupping

Hiccupping is largely psychosomatic and it can be cured by betting the person hiccupping a fiver he won't hiccup again. Works 80-90% of the time


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#16 Do this next time

When people are together in a group, look at the direction of people's feet to see who they are interested in talking to.


Lexxclark, cottonbro studio

#17 Make yourself tired

Having a good sleep schedule (9-5 or 10-6), and going to sleep when you are tired (you have to make yourself tired throughout the day, preferably with a bit of exercise) makes waking up really easy and your mornings will be full of energy



#18 Stay hydrated

Drink more water. Always.

If you feel at all off, emotionally, drink a large glass of water, whether you're anxious, angry, or sad. That doesn't always fix it, but sometimes it does, and if it didn't, at least you're a little more hydrated.

When you wake up in the morning, drink a large glass of water before anything else. You will feel more awake, and you may avoid morning constipation.

DeathByBamboo,The Lazy Artist Gallery

#20 Universal Truth

If you work out and maintain a healthy diet, your body will look and feel amazing.