UPS Driver Takes A Tumble During Delivery And Asks The Homeowner For The Footage

By maks in Funny On 10th January 2024

In a viral video, a UPS driver falls on porch during a home delivery and mentions it in a note for the residents to laugh at later.

Handling embarrassment gracefully is not everyone's forte; typically, people prefer to ignore such embarassing moments or pretend they never happend.


However, in the world of social media, where sharing hilarious content has become the norm, this UPS driver, Steven B. (@astro.knot), chose to embrace his embarrassing moment with a light-hearted spirit on TikTok.

The video, posted on August 6, 2023, shows UPS driver Steven's fall. 

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The caption humorously mentions the incident: "Took a little tumble this Friday lol had to ask the homeowners for the video." 

The clip begins with Steven displaying the delivery receipt, revealing the note he penned for the homeowners post-fall. 


"I just fell so bad on your porch. Watch the ring camera for a good laugh. LOL. Text me the video please," the note reads, followed by his phone number.

Credit: TikTok / @astro.knot
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Clearly, the homeowners have a sense of humor because they sent Steven the video with no problems. Moments later, the video shows how Steven ended up on the ground.

The video shows the moment Steven gets up the porch steps, delivers a package at the door, and rings the bell. 

Credit: TikTok / @astro.knot

While walking away and glancing at his UPS monitor, he trips over his foot and lands face-first on the porch. 


He quickly recovers, standing up and walking away, but not without looking back, maybe to check for witnesses.

The video ends with a cheerful "Have a good day"


“The way you looked back at it like it had done it on purpose 😂😂,” one person said.

“This happened to me once, the owner claimed that she didn’t have the videos but I think she was afraid of getting sued for some reason,” another user shared.


“Please 😂😂😂😂 I’d request a new route immediately but you’re asking for the proof lol,” a person chimed in.

Steven's willingness to share and laugh at himself has given him such a warm response from the TikTok community.

Who knows, he may continue sharing embarassing videos on the internet to entertain the rest of us.