Vegan Chloe Bailey Cries After Accidentally Eating Meat For The First Time In A Decade

By Khadija Pervez in Life Style Published On 17th August 2023

The singer who follows a vegan lifestyle along with her sister Halle, known for her role as Ariel in The Little Mermaid, eliminated meat from their diets ten years back.

But during the weekend, the two accidentally consumed beef due to a mistake made by a hotel with their order.

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"So I called to get a Beyond burger for sis and I like usual. Specified that it’s vegan, no butter on the bun, nothing like that," Chloe explained in a TikTok video.

While the 25-year-old was taking a shower, the food was delivered, and upon her return, she found her sister already enjoying the burger.

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"She’s eating the burger and she’s like, 'Are you sure this is Beyond?' She took a couple of bites and she said, 'This is really good, you sure it’s Beyond?'," she explained in the video.

She continued: "I touched the patty and smelled it and was like, Of course, it’s Beyond, yeah."


Upon taking a single bite of the burger, she instantly realized that a mistake had occurred.

"So I finish getting dressed, I take a bite and the juice dripping from the burger is not like a Beyond burger. I just knew it was not a fake burger," she said.

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"The one bite I took and I just knew. Immediately I said, 'This doesn’t feel right'."

She contacted the hotel reception and found out that there had been a misunderstanding.

"I said, 'Ugh, these are vegan burgers right?' He said, 'No, they’re brand burgers'. I said, 'Brand burgers? I said Beyond burgers'. I don’t even know what a brand burger is."

She continued: "Immediately I’m losing my sh*t. I gobbled down a whole can of Sprite."


The singer of "Told Ya" shared that she began to cry, while her sister couldn't help but laugh at her reaction.

"Halle’s laughing at me because I’m crying. This is right before the concert yesterday. I’m crying, Halle’s just laughing so hard at me because I’m freaking out," she explained.

The sisters were in Atlanta to attend Beyonce's concert. The singer of "Single Ladies" came across the sisters in 2015 when they were only 15 and 13 years old. This happened after they performed a cover of "Pretty Hurts."

Following the cover's viral success on YouTube, Beyonce signed the siblings to her Parkwood Entertainment label.


@thechloexhalleroom Halle laughing at Chloe crying because she ate red meat lmaoooo 😂😂😂😂😂 #storytime #chloexhalle #chloebailey #hallebailey #vegan #veganburger #beyondburger ♬ original sound - The Chlöe x Halle Room

The decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle stemmed from their mother's one-week experiment with vegetarianism.

“Being vegan started from our mother. One day she was like, ‘I’m gonna try to be vegetarian for a week. You can join me if you’d like'. We started the week with her and just never went back," Halle told Complex in 2017.

The sisters attribute their vegan lifestyle to maintaining the health of their voices.

“Number one secret to keeping our voices in shape? God. Two, we’re vegan, so we’re not consuming dairy and it’s not that extra mucus buildup all the time," Chloe told Complex.


She continued: "We hydrate a lot more before performances. We were really on a roll of drinking gallon jugs of water, and that made us feel better mentally and physically.”

Her explanation was shared online and immediately prompted sympathy from fans and fellow vegans.

One fans commented: "If I put 10 years into something and someone's mistake jeopardizes that, I’d be p***ed…."

Another wrote: "I’m vegetarian and it’s definitely hard to tell the difference sometimes but you know the taste of real meat and that stomach ache ain’t no joke."


"Her crying over that is valid! If you go 10 years without eating meat that's a self accomplishment and she stands for something ppl who stand for nothing may see this as dramatic but u gotta see it from her view, one person mused." 

"If a person dnt drink liquor in 10 years and a waiter puts tequila in their drink are they not allowed to b p***ed, that's her body."