Vehicles You Won't Believe Exist

Posted by Editorial Staff in Science and Technology

Driverless cars are coming, and soon every automobile will be electric or use another source of energy to make it roll. But there are other creative new vehicles out there that you probably had no idea existed.


#1 Tricycle Ice

This may resemble the trike you rode as a toddler, but it's very different. It's capable of traveling through the South Pole. The special tires were made so that it can achieve the maximum grip on ice and snow. To be sure that the chain won't get frozen or stuck in the freezing temperatures of the Antarctic, it uses a special antifreeze to keep the chain from seizing up. The special advanced transmission system allows it to change gears and continue moving in even the coldest of weather.


#2 Winston Wang Bio Biv

This machine looks like something out of a science fiction movie but it actually exists. It's the first vehicle designed to move around the ice using biofuel. Tested in Antarctica in 2010, it is designed to maneuver in the harshest of conditions. The vehicle contains a full weather station and runs on solar energy and can test wind directions. It can reach speeds of up to 135 mph and can go through over 5 feet of snow.


#3 Carburetor

Also known as the Swamp Buggy, this vehicle allows you to get through the thickest marshes and swamps in Russia very easily. It's an SUV with sporting balloon tires so that it is able to climb walls as well as float. It has the capabilities of getting through any terrain and is the ultimate off-roading vehicle.


#4 Todoterrano Sutra

This vehicle is huge. It is 8 feet by 8 feet and can hold up to ten people. The Todoterrano Sutra can adapt to any terrain in the world. The tires can maintain traction on all types of uneven areas. This is due to the articulated vehicle system that separates it in half and has a flexible chassis that will ensure a steady and easy climb at any angle.

#5 SUV de Alambre Extreme

This is a giant mechanical spider. It's four wheels are capable of moving independently as each one is mounted on a different arm that reaches out from the cockpit. The arms are capable of reaching up to over 3 feet making it capable of climbing and lifting the cab over large rocks or through caverns. It can get around in any weather conditions and acts as a spider when it wants to climb over hills, mounds, and even other vehicles.


#6 Aeodeslizdor Hammacher Schlemmer

An amazing piece of machinery, this is an inflatable craft that glides over the water on a cushion of air. It has wings and is painted black and yellow which gives it the nickname "bumblebee". It can go up six feet off the ground and travel up to 70 mph. It also has a thrust propeller which helps it leap over obstacles like logs and docs. This hovercraft can be used in saltwater and freshwater and sells for $190,000.


#7 ATV Catco

An incredible piece of machinery, this vehicle has made transporting goods through Alaska possible. It has a very powerful engine which allows it to transport over 50 tons at one time. It sports 14 low-pressure tires which have airbags in them. This helps minimize the impact of hitting land instead of snow. The tires make it possible to cross over just about anything without causing any damage. The manufacturer says it can even run over a human without causing injury.

#8 Sno-Cat

A very versatile machine with four rotors mounted in picked tapes which give it traction. This allows the Sno-Cat to climb slopes at just about any angle. They can go over cracks, rocks, almost any other object in their way. It's capable of transporting equipment on just about any terrain. The Sno-Cat has been around for many years because it is so versatile and such a popular option in places where extreme weather makes transporting goods impossible.


#9 Kharkovvchanka

This one is hard to believe. The inside of the vehicle is over 90 feet and holds ten passengers. It's capable of towing over 70 tons on slopes greater than 30 degrees. The vehicle is used mainly for hauling equipment for scientific studies and for moving military equipment. This vehicle makes it possible to move cargo in places very mountainous or snow covered.


#10 Rinspeed S Quba

This is the very first car that can be driven either on land or UNDER water. It's completely electric and has two motors, one for land travel and one for traveling on water. It runs on rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

#11 Land Or Water

When it travels on the water it will float until the operator floods the interior which will cause it to sink. Once the vehicle is sunk, it is powered by two electric propellers, can hold two passengers and there's an emergency safety exit. Passengers are able to breathe while underwater through scuba diving regulators. It can be driven is fresh or saltwater as it is made with salt resistant materials. Once it comes back up to the surface it floats until it reaches dry land and the first engine kicks back in.