Victoria's Secret Model Reveals Pervert Music Teacher ‘Asked For Pictures And Sent Inappropriate Messages’

By Abdul Rafay in Cringey Published On 11th September 2022

After Bobby Gallo, the former head of music at the all-girls school Bridget Malcolm attended, was barred from teaching due to his behavior, Bridget Malcolm spoke out.

She claimed in a video that Gallo's license had been revoked "for major misconduct against a student while he was teaching them" and that this information had since become "public knowledge."

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“I am that student,” said the Australian model in the Instagram post.

“I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not to waive my right to anonymity because I was a minor when it all happened.”

“I’m still in shock, I’m still processing and I’ve had a lot of feelings today.”

“I just want to say to my fellow survivors out there you’re not alone, you’re stronger than you possibly know and your future is waiting for you.”

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Malcolm modeled for Victoria's Secret from 2015 to 2016, but she recently opened up about the pressure she felt to lose weight, which she claimed left her feeling "malnourished."

According to a court document, she sent an email to the Teachers Registration Board of Western Australia in March 2021, according to the Brisbane Times.

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She described the 53-year-old teacher's grooming methods at Perth, Western Australia's Methodist Ladies' College.

Malcolm received personal emails, calls, and texts from him throughout 2007 and 2008, and even after she graduated, she was unable to avoid him.

Then, after she had left, he "made requests for photographs of the student" and "made personalized and inappropriate comments."

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Gallo also asked to see her when she came back to Perth after a vacation.

He sent a picture of himself and said: “Thought you may like a photo to remember me by. Hope you like it!! I do.”

He informed her the following day that he had sent the picture first because she had still not sent one of herself.

He went on to say: “I may be lucky enough to see you or even better DINNER. But I must not get my hopes up.”

Gallo has been prohibited from teaching for three years after the Teachers Board determined that he was unfit to be registered as a teacher.


Gallo served as Mercy College's music director from 1998 to 2001 before being named director of music at MLC.

In 2012, he left the institution and was named director of the School for Performing Arts at Queensland's John Paul College.

According to his biography: “Bobby has established himself as one of Australia’s leading music educators, distinguishing himself with an impressive record of achievement in a variety of musical settings.”

“His musical diversity has allowed him to produce outstanding choirs, orchestras, jazz bands, and concert bands.”

The accusations about Gallo's grooming were "deeply upsetting," according to MLC Principal Dr. Marie Perry, who said the school was informed of them in March of last year.


Since Malcolm filed her initial complaint, the school, according to Dr. Perry, has been in "regular contact" with her and has given her "support and help."

“This is a deeply upsetting situation and the College sincerely regrets that one of its students was subjected to such behavior by a then member of the College staff,” she said.

“The College continues to offer her support.”

She added that Gallo has not been the target of any new allegations.