Video Showing Freshly Cut Meat Is Making People Want To Turn Into Vegetarians

By Samantha in Food On 10th January 2023
Credit: Twitter/Weird and Terrifying

A video showing what really happens when you put salt on freshly cut meat has gone viral on social media with many viewers claiming that they might reconsider their decision to not be a vegetarian.

Well, watch the video and let us know what you think of it. 

Looking at it, one can tell it is only just meat so the video is not really graphic. But the effect of slat has made it appear disgusting for some viewers.

From a scientific point of view, when salt is poured over freshly cut meat, it starts to spasm and contract to make it look alive. 

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Well, people always add salt to their meat when cooking food and this is what makes it look more horrendous for them.

In fact, we all have seen youtube video in the past that shows a squid dish that has been freshly prepared to have soy sauce poured all over it, causing the tentacles to squirm around as if it were still alive.

Or perhaps you’ve seen something similar done with frog legs and salt?

Before you let your imagination run wild, finding an explanation for these weird movements, hold there because we have a legit scientific explanation for you. 

The meat that you are actually looking at in the video is completely fresh, so fresh that the neurons in the flesh are still intact and capable of reacting - that’s the secret behind all of this.

The salt, whether in granular form or in salty soy sauce, triggers a response from the neurons, which in turn causes the reaction we can see in the meats.

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There is a much more complex explanation to be found in an article published last year in Scientific American, which reads: “All cells are polarised, which means the concentrations of charged atoms, called ions, of the fluid inside them is different from the fluid outside them. “It is this difference in ion concentrations that creates a difference in charge (or voltage) across membrane.

“This difference - called a membrane potential - allows neurons to work.”

It continues: “Neurons are highly specialised cells which process and transmit electrical signals.

“When not activated, neurons maintain their membrane potential by actively pumping out sodium ions and pumping in potassium ions, keeping a voltage difference of roughly -70 millivolts.

“When a neuron is activated, however, specific channels open that allows sodium ions to flood in.

“This rapid change in the charge difference causes potassium channels to open, allowing potassium to flow out.


“At a certain point, the channels all close, and those active pumps work towards restoring the resting membrane potential - but not before triggering channels nearby to open.

“That's how the signal moves from one end of the neuron to the other - channels open in one area, which causes channels nearby to open, and so on and so forth from one end to the other.”

To make it simple for you, as the meat is still fresh and neurons still working so when sodium chloride salt is added to it, it causes this excitatory response. 

However, those who have seen this resurfaced video are not keen on the idea, with several claiming it has turned them vegetarian.

One said: “It's not cool at all. I feel creepy," while another added: “Well, this picture could make me give up eating meat.”

A third wrote: “I've just ordered a salad.”

Someone else simply commented: “Yo! I ain't eating meat again.”

You might have seen this version with a squid dish.