Video Shows Final Moments Of James Bond Stuntman Before Jumping From Helicopter

By Editorial Staff in Movies & TV On 26th June 2024

Distressing video footage has surfaced online, capturing the moments right before a renowned stuntman tragically fell to his death from a helicopter.

The footage reveals Mark Sutton, a former James Bond stuntman from Surrey, England, leaping from a helicopter over Switzerland.

Tragically, he crashed into a mountain ridge in the Swiss Alps shortly afterward.

At the time of his jump, Sutton, who was wearing a blue and red wingsuit, was 10,800 feet high.

Mark Sutton Getty Images

His plan was to glide close to the mountain side, cross over the border into France, and land in a small village.

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This daring stunt occurred during the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, and he had a stunt-double for the late Queen Elizabeth II attached to him.

His close friend Gary Connery, who performed the Queen's double, spoke to The Sun about Sutton, describing him as 'smart, articulate and funny'. 

He shared, "In any sport where you share a common bond, you can make friends in a heartbeat that last a lifetime. 

"My relationship with Mark was like that."

Mark Sutton in his blue and red wingsuit with reflective sunglasses stands on the edge of the chopper, mere seconds before his death. Epic TV

Sadly, this event occurred just a year before Sutton's death. 

The former UK army officer had joined approximately 20 other top-tier wingsuit pilots in Trient, Switzerland, for a casual gathering.

During one of his flights, Sutton was traveling at speeds up to 155 mph—more than double the typical maximum speed limit on highways in many places.

It was then that he experienced trouble in the air and collided with the mountain.

Newly uncovered footage on X shows Sutton preparing to jump from the helicopter.

Mark Sutton is pictured flying through the sky above Switzerland. Epic TV

Moments before making the leap, he gave a thumbs-up to the pilot, signaling he was ready.

Tragically, just 20 seconds later, he met his end.

Epic TV, the organizer of the event, released a statement on their website stating: "The accident occurred on the first day of the three-day event after several successful jumps had already been made. 

"Rescue services arrived quickly and determined that Mr. Sutton had died instantly upon impact."

Trey Cook, who was the editor-in-chief of Epic TV in Chamonix, France at the time, commented to the Guardian: 

"Wingsuiting does have its risks, like extreme skiing or Formula One car racing. Accidents happen and it is a sport that is very unforgiving of its mistakes.

"It is definitely not the first accident of this kind."