Video Shows Rich Lady Failing Many Times To Pump Gas In Her Car

By Zainab Pervez in Fails On 29th September 2022

One woman was just not winning when she went to put fuel in her car in the US, and someone filmed the whole thing. While you think it is easy to fill gas in a car… apparently, it isn’t. This woman struggled more than anyone should have ever witnessed, shame.

The woman with her new Mercedes and fancy dress went through many trials and tribulations to re-fill her car. Hilarity ensues after the gas hose cannot reach far enough to put gas in a car parked in front of the other pump, an obstacle this woman has a hard time overcoming.

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Instead of realizing that perhaps her car should go in front of the pump she's using, she goes about measuring the distances, and repeatedly pulling her car around in circles and trying new wonky angles. After a few tries she learns the hard way that a gas cap only exists on one side of a car, before eventually figuring it all out, perhaps with the help of an onlooker.

She must have moved her car a good 10 times before getting it close enough to put the hose in. The people recording were broken with laughter but also had sympathy for the poor woman.

One of the funniest parts is when she lays the hose on the ground and then signals the hand gesture that means stay… it is just too much!

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Social media users found it hard to be true. One commented:

“How is this even possible? I’ve pulled up on the wrong side with rentals occasionally, but how did she keep getting the wrong side, why is she 10 feet away, and why was she stepping it out?”

“This cannot be real. I’ve never pumped my own gas before and know how to pull my car up to a pump,” commented another.

“This is why I love women… they are literally from another planet and that what’s makes them unique and interesting”, one user joked.

Kudos to the camera operator however, as they were happy to watch and enjoy the show, putting our amusement over the poor lady's convenience.