10 Facts About Volcanoes

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1. Volcano is a split of Earth crust. Active volcanoes throw out lava, scorching stones and gases from Earth interior.

2. Volcanic activity is observed mostly in mountain terrain.

3. The name “Volcano” came from the name of ancient Roman God of Fire.

4. Volcanoes appear in places where tectonic plates meet or drift apart.

6. Volcanoes, created by streams of scorching lava are called Hot Points.

7. There are more than 500 volcanoes on Earth.

8. The loudest eruption was in 1883. The eruption of Kakatoa volcano was heard in Australia, on a distance of 5.000 kilometers.

9. Every fifth volcano is situated under water.

10. The temperature of lava may reach 1.200 Celsius degrees.

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