Viewers Puzzled After Watching This Woman Flaunting Optical Illusion Dress Which Makes The Waist 'Disappear'

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Fashion On 11th July 2021

Tiktoker who goes by the username @jemianxo shared a video where she was seen wearing an 'optical illusion dress.' The £30 ($39.99) Mind Of My Own Maxi Dress made her waist 'disappear,' the video went viral with women dying to buy the weird patterned dress. "I literally scrolled past this dress on the site and now I regret not purchasing it."


People were perplexed after seeing this weird 'optical illusion dress' worn by Tiktoker Jemianxo

'Optical illusion dresses' can do crazy things. Recently, Tiktoker with the username Jemianxo took to social media to show off her new dress. 

The dress can make her waist disappear which has left the followers puzzled.

Credit: Instagram/xojem_

Jem did the purchase from 'Fashion Nova'

Jem bought the Mind Of My Own Maxi Dress for £30 ($39.99) from clothing retailer Fashion Nova.

The website tells that this one-of-a-kind dress comes in 8 different sizes, and is stretchable with a tie front.

Some viewers found it creepy but the Tiktoker had the answer: "Tie from the back first then bring it to the front for a subtle look."


Looks like I tied my organs together 😂 Snatched illusion dress is @fashionnova FashionnovaPartner

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The video went viral for all the right reasons

Her video went viral and gained over 3.2 million times with whooping 300,000 likes and over 1,500 comments.

One of her followers wrote how she was almost about to buy this magical dress.

"I literally scrolled past this dress on the site and now I regret not purchasing it."

Jem replied: "Omgggg me too and I kept seeing it on my explore page on ig and I was like ok fine I'll get u!!!"

Credit: Instagram/xojem_

Women are loving this weird patterned dress and want to add it to their wardrobe

Many women are now dying over the dress and want it immediately.

One person wrote; "No, you don't understand I NEED this." 

Another commented; "Genius engineering."

One wrote; "Mm. It's actually an optical illusion. It's the pattern on the dress."

Credit: Instagram/xojem_

One woman commented how this dress is specifically for those who already have a slim waist

One woman told people to not buy this dress unless they are already slim.

"I just bought this... ummm do not get this unless your stomach is already slim and you have a slim waist. It does not work."