Vintage Dating Tips For Single Women That Are Outrageous And Totally Wouldn't Fly Today

Posted by Michael Avery in Life Style On 20th February 2018

I'm not exactly sure how any woman would find these tips helpful even back in the day, let alone today. Either way here are a few dating tips for women from back in the 30s. They are pretty bad.


#1 You had best be ready to go.

Don't keep your date waiting. Make sure that you have done all your preparations before he arrives. You absolutely must greet him with a warm smile.


#2 Do your makeup privately.

No man wants to watch you apply makeup. Go to the bathroom or somewhere private to take care of that. You don't want him to see what you're doing.


#3 Sit like a lady.

When you're sitting down, don't slouch or sit in a manner that is unladylike. You also want to make sure you never appear to be bored with your date. Make sure he knows he has your full attention.

#5 Make sure that everything is well in place.

Don't adjust your bra or your clothing while you are out with your date. Make sure that all of that is taken care of well before he gets there. Your clothes need to be in perfect shape as well. No wrinkles my dear.


#4 Be silent while you're dancing.

Men love to dance. They love to feel the music and nothing ruins that more than you running your mouth. Be silent and enjoy the dance with him.

#6 Don't use his mirror while he is driving.

You should have fixed your makeup before you went out. The worst time to do it is while he is driving. What do you want? Him to wreck because you carelessly hog the rear view mirror?

#7 Keep your hands to yourself.

Unless he touches you first you should never place your hand on your date. He will not be happy with you doing this. Wait for him to initiate any contact.

#8 Don't try to get in his head.

Men don't want you plying your womanly wiles on them. That is an easy way to end your date. He doesn't want to talk about his emotions he just wants to enjoy his date so let him.

#9 He doesn't want to hear about you.

No man wants to hear about your day or your clothes or any of that nonsense. Talk about the subjects he wants to talk about and if he doesn't bring anything up just sit there in silence until he is ready to talk.

#10 Don't talk to other men.

Your date wants and deserves your complete undivided attention so don't go talking to some other man while you are with him. It's rude and distasteful.

#11 You should never get drunk.

If you drink too much that is a sure fire way to end up having to find a ride home. No man wants to ruin their buzz by dealing with your drunken behavior. Stay sober and alert so that you are ready to please him at a moments notice.

#12 I said don't drink too much!

Now you're all drunk and flirting with other guys. You'll never have another date with this nice man again. Good going.

#13 Weren't the good old days just great?

Of course, none of this stuff would fly today. Hell, it shouldn't have been acceptable back then. I for one am glad times have changed.