Visually Stunning National Geographic Animal Photos That Will Leave You In Awe

Posted by Michael Avery in Nature and Travel On 8th May 2018

Nature photographers spend their entire careers searching for the perfect photos to snap. The best of the best end up in the pages of National Geographic. Check out some of the best in recent memory.

#1 The raw emotion in his eyes!

In this photo, you can see a male orangutan looking at the photographer while hiding behind a tree in Borneo, Indonesia. Because of poaching, this animal is critically endangered.


#2 Easy, Breezy, Beautiful... Coverlion

This stunning photo was snapped early one morning while this young adult male lion came sauntering through the sea of flowers. He paused for a moment to shake his head and presented the photographer with this once in a lifetime photo op.

#3 Draw me like one of your French seals.

This seal snapped in Skagen, Denmark was all about lavishing his moment in the spotlight. Just look at that face. He was born for this.


#4 The floor is lava!

These goats put cheerleaders to shame. Just look at that perfect pyramid. Have you ever seen anything so cute before in your life?

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